About us


About us

Coding for Medicine is an education organization uniquely positioned at the forefront of the bioinformatics education in the life sciences.

Rapid technological advancements are creating many avenues to run high-throughput experiments in the life sciences at approachable costs and generating massive datasets as a result. This has already revolutionized DNA sequencing, making genomics and transcriptomics experiments routine for probing biological and clinical questions more than ever before. However, the routine integration of such tremendously powerful tools has unwittingly created a serious challenge. The analysis of massive data-sets has been slow due to a general lack of programming and computational skills among life scientists.

No longer is the outsourcing of bioinformatic analysis to centralized core facilities helpful for conducting research at the cutting-edge. All such centers are over-burdened and can only use generic software to analyze data. Such software fail in the realm of specific scientific problems. It is impossible for any center personnel to provide insight from your data without truly giving time to understand your scientific question.

Our mission is to demystify bioinformatics and simplify the challenge to learn coding for the biologist. Using our comprehensive collection of tutorials and trainings that comes with excellent support and at affordable prices, any biologist anywhere can harness the power of the data!