Statistical Analysis in R


This module helps you learn statistical concepts and perform statistical analysis of biological data using R. You will create random datasets, learn about statistical distributions (binomial, Poisson, normal/Guassian) and perform Student’s t test, analysis of variance (ANOVA), linear regression, Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and clustering analysis.


R has become an essential tool for statistical analysis of biological data, because it includes numerous functions for performing simple and complex analysis tasks. Some of those functions come from latest research made freely available by the researchers.

R is also an excellent tool for learning statistics, because you can create random data and visualize the statistical behavior. Visual learning is more intuitive than the textbook approach of algebraic derivation of the same results.


  1. Generate and plot random data,
  2. Statistical distributions (binomial, Poisson, normal/Gaussian),
  3. Preliminary statistical analysis,
  4. Linear regression,
  5. T test,
  6. ANOVA,
  7. Clustering.
  8. Visualization,
  9. Principle component analysis.


$99 for premium members, $125 for others.

Class Style

The classes will be conducted through online interactive chat session.


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