Student Testimonials

This summer, we taught R and bioinformatics to three different groups of high-school students. Kids without any programming background picked up R rather quickly. They also loved the fact that right from the first day, they could be productive and solve real-life problems using their computer. The feedback from every session has been overwhelmingly positive, as you can see below.

Testimonials of Students from the Texas Class

“I initially thought R was a very complicated languages (in terms of syntax). However, I found it quite easy to learn.” - A.S.

“I especially liked how it is very easy to pick up. It is very helpful.” - J.M.

“I was surprised at what R could accomplish.” - H.R.

“I enjoyed the very fast paced lessons in which we learned a lot” - A.C.

“R was so efficient and easy to use” - A.M.

“I enjoyed how the instructor individually helped us if we had trouble” - S.B.

Reviews after the First Class in Seattle Area

“This is my first real experience with a programming language outside of robotics and I really liked the seamless connections to biology and data science. I also liked using real data like the Pokemon and World Cup stats.” - R.K.

“I enjoyed learning about what code is. I have never touched coding before this….I was surprised at how I was able to code complicated things without having any prior knowledge. “ - E.T.

“It was very enjoyable sequencing DNA and making calculators…..It was a pleasant surprise to know everything you could do with R.” - V.A.

“This course was challenging because I had not had experience with programming before, I most enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment as I got better with R….I found it quite uprising that the course began to feel easier after progressing pass the second day. R strikes me as a fantastic tool to make long work easier.” - B.A.

Reviews after the Second Class in Seattle Area

This was the first time we introduced ggplot.

“This course was fun, especially because R was challenging but not too hard so it was easy to make progress. It was also really fun being able to choose our own projects based on what we were interested in…..I was surprised by how easy R was to learn and remember.” - E.D.

“Yes, it has been a very fun course. I enjoyed the graphing in ggplot and data table analysis the most….I enjoyed the simpleness of R compared to other languages and the vast variety of things you can do in it.” -A.P.

“I was surprised with how powerful R was, especially with the ggplot functions.” - M.M.

“It was better that what I had in mind…..It made me love programming even more.” - D.P.

“R was more intuitive than I expected.” - I.H.

“It was challenging the first day due to my lack of experience with coding. However, Dr. Samanta was an incredible teacher and made the class very fun and easy to comprehend.” - L.M.