Data Visualization in R


Visual representation is an important aspect of biological data analysis. This module shows you various visualization tools in R - core library (scatterplot, histogram), venn diagram, heatmap and logoplot. Most time is spent to cover the powerful and versatile ggplot library that allows you to build publication-quality plots.

Questions You Will Be Able to Answer after This Module

Create the following kinds of graphs from given data -

  1. Venn diagram



Basic familiarity with the concepts of vectors and data frames is needed. This is covered in R for Biology - Core Concepts.

Module Length

Three sessions of 2 hours each.



First Session

image (venn diagram)

basic plots, venn diagram, heatmap, volcano plot

Shortcomings of base library

Second Session

image (ggplot)

ggplot library

  1. ggplot - introduction through examples.
  2. ggplot - philosophy and difference with other visualization libraries.
  3. ggplot broken into its components.
  4. ggplot in bioinformatics i) MA and other plots for analysis of gene expression data ii) phylogenetics iii) clustering and heat-maps iv) advanced plots

Third Session

image (logoplot)

biological - logo, phylogeny, circos

Class Style

The classes will be conducted through online interactive chat session.


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