Study Guide - Intermediate

These tutorials help those with some familiarity of R or Python.

1. Move Seamlessly from Excel to R

This tutorial shows how to navigate between tables of data using R instead of Excel.

2. Data Visualization in R

This tutorial describes data visualization techniques in R using the base library, ggplot library and other specialized libraries (e.g. Venn diagram, heatmap, logo plot, phylogeny, etc.).

3. Genomic Data Visualization

This tutorial describes gviz, ggbio and Rcircos libraries for viewing genomic data.

4. Pandora's Toolbox

Pandora's Toolbox describes a set of efficient bioinformatics programs.

5. Videos from Courses

Pevzner course

Langmead course

A Course on R in Canada

6. Biopython

Biopython Manual